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Grotest Maru creates theatre in public spaces and is inspired by visual, physical, and object theatre, as well as installation and landart.

*** Due to Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately many planned touring productions were cancelled or postponed.

Our new productions LeseUFO and LANDPARTIE in October 2020 and our Workshop and our performance of HOMO BOTANICUS at Spreepark Berlin in September 2020 will take place! More info below! ***

upcoming projects

Homo Botanicus – dancing with plants

site specific special at Spreepark Berlin

Spaziert ins Grün! OPEN AIR THEATER Labor

6 Stations with productions of Berlin Street Theatre Artistis

Sunday, September 13, 2 - 7pm

The scientists from Homo Botanicus developed technics to communicate with plants: they talk with them and make the ultra-slow movement of plants visible in human physicality and choreography. Sometimes the green thumb will be massaged...

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We are happy to announce a new collaboration:
Grotest Maru & Heike Scharpff



a fair of words and games


October 10, 11am - 6pm, Müllrose, Festwiese

November 14, 11am - 6pm, Woltersdorf, Alte Schule
The Aliens are coming to study the knowledge container book of humankind and research about it with words, images and movements. What moves humanity?

LeseUFO, a cooperation between the Fahrbibliothek of Landkreises Oder-Spree, Grotest Maru and Heike Scharpff,

is founded in the years 2020 and 2021 by the Kulturstiftung des

Bundes in the Fonds „hochdrei – Stadtbibliotheken verändern“.

Erinnerungslabor / Storytelling Laboratory

Spreepark 2019
The film is ready!!!!
Ole Jacobs created and edited a documentation film in collaboration with Grotest Maru.


Spreepark 2020

We created a new workshop „Storytelling Laboratory & analogue immersive games crossing generations” that took place in August 2020, documentation will be published soon!

Open Training


New format for performers of the network and interested artists.

We research the performativ principles of our work!


OUTDOOR Training 2020, meet infront of Kunstquartier Bethanien

September.... date coming soon!!

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latest projects



We performed at ViaThea Festival, Görlitz and at FELDSpiele, Berlin

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The Nymphs and Satyrs travelled to China!

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The KuLe Book is still available!


With numerous images of interventions in public space, early street theatre actions, actual pictures and pics of the beginnings of Grotest Maru and interesting articles of Grotest Maru members.


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The KuLe Book

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