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a mobile stilt performance

Fasten your seat belts and join the adventurous pilots!!


Propeller is working with technics of physical theatre, interactive clowning and improvisation and is created for a family audience, children and adults.


Propeller is inspired by the mythological story of Ikarus from ancient Greek mythology, by the German inventor Otto Lilienthal from the 19th century, who designed the first flying machines and by the silent movies of the 1920ies, that loved to deal with the topic of the broken pilots as a metaphor of the struggle of human kind with technology .


Propeller is a contemporary poetic interpretation of the timeless dream of human kind to get over gravity and fly.


PROPELLER, Eröffnung Kultursommer Festival Berlin Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin 2022

PHOTOS: Ralf K. Lang

PROPELLER, International Street Theatre Festival ViaThea, Görlitz 2019


PROPELLER, Xi'an, China 2018

PHOTOS: Maggie Hu

PROPELLER, Mianyang, China 2018

PHOTOS: Maggie Hu

PROPELLER, Langfang, China 2018

PHOTOS: Esther Geyer