koppelort n

A sailor's yarn on stilts.

After his wedding, a young sailor is called back to the ship by his companions. Saddened by the parting, his new wife dresses herself in a sailor's outfit and joins the ship's crew. Soon, she will take command of the ship and rock the sailor's world...


This mobile, interactive show takes the audience on a journey for hidden treasures. Stilt figures, ground characters and puppets, all aboard, sail through the city, transforming everything on their way: a street into an exotic island, a truck into a shipwreck, the center of a square into the eye of a terrible storm. With pantomime and in a state of under-water-sleep-walking, they become fishes, searching in the depths of the ocean for the beloved ones they've left behind.


Koppelort N uses movement and style from the silent films of the 1920s and takes it to an imaginary voyage through the ocean of sea legends.


"Where one journey ends another journey begins...!"

Ninedu Theatre - Childrens Expo, Mianyang, China 2017


International Streettheatre Festival, Wismar