This choreographic game in public spaces deals with questions of time: do we live in the categories of the Grey Eminencies, because time is money? Or are we more sensitive and create our own sites of interest? Divided up into groups with different speeds the participating audience have the chance to make new experiences of time. And so, through this complicity, a new theatre of perception appears.

As part of the 25th anniversary and after 10 years of touring national and international festivals, we finally showed the full version of TIMEBANK in Berlin,  in the frame of Summer of Performance at Bärenquell Brauerei in cooperation with Revier Südost.


Here some of our reviews:

rbb Television


an interview by Christian Behring with Ursula Maria Berzborn on Youtube about the artistic work of Grotest Maru


VIDEOS: Ole Jacobs


VIDEOS: rbb 24, Mara Stirner/ EDITING: Susu Rachidi


VIDEOS: Michael Zimmer

Timebank, Summer of Performance at Bärenquell Brauerei, 2021

PHOTOS: Ralf K. Lang

Timebank, Festival 24-Stunden-Industriekultur, Kultursommer Rheinland Pfalz, Dynamikum, former Shoe Factory, Pirmasens, 2018

PHOTOS: Magret Germann

Timebank, collaboration with Theater Combinale, site specific project CirQles 2, for the 875th anniversary of the City of Lübeck, Gollan Werft, Lübeck, 2018

PHOTOS: Tomekk, Janko, Olaf Malzahn

PHOTOS: Andreas Kermann, Mario Niemann

Timebank, Festival dos Canais, Aveiro, Portugal, 2017

PHOTOS: Marylin Marques

Timebank, Sommerwerft Festival 2016, Frankfurt/Main

PHOTOS: Barbara Walzer

PHOTOS: Stefan Chytrek