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mobile, interactive stilt theater – oversized footballers transform the globe

Football connects, football moves. Oversized football can do all that and much more. Grotest Maru, the Berlin specialists in vertical theater, take off their boots and swap them for stilts. They move a giant ball one floor higher than usual. What do they succeed at? What do the players fail at? What new moves are created? Does the 'holding six' hold the position? Is the 'nine' fake or real? How creative is the 'ten' really? How clever is the coach? With a big ball, it's off to small goals. At several stations "GloBALL" tells stories about football and footballers in short and snappy episodes. It's all about balls, of course, balls that are moved, kicked and put into orbits. A game for young and old, to watch, cheer on and join in. And with a ball that we all sit on and should therefore treat with care.

Artistic Director & Idea: Ursula Maria Berzborn // Performance: Catia de Almeida Santos, Clara Gracia, Sixto Hernandez Barrios, Abel Navarro, Anna Vilhelmiina Peltola, Sergio Serrano, Axel Meyer, Birgit Wieger, Esther Geyer, Jefferson Perreira da Silva // Choreography: Ursula Maria Berzborn & Ensemble // Dramaturgy: Tom Mustroph // Costume design & objects: Sabine Hilscher // Production Assistance: Anna Vilhelmiina Peltola // Tailoring: Anna Cafetzakis

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GloBALL, mobile stilt theatre, UEFA, Berlin, 2024 

Photos: Andreas Kermann


Der Fußballkultursommer Berlin 2024 wird konzipiert und umgesetzt von Kulturprojekte Berlin in Zusammenarbeit mit Berliner Kulturakteur*innen und Programmpartner*innen. /// The Fußballkultursommer Berlin 2024 is conceptualized and produced by Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with Berlin Cultural players and programmer partners. 

Danke für die Probenresidenzen an /// Thanks fort he rehearsal residencies:  Schloss Bröllin und Waldhotel am See, Berlin Schmöckwitz