Performance Installation

"The final cause for men (who naturally love liberty, and dominion over others) to live in commonwealths is the foresight of their own reservation. That is to say, of getting themselves out from that miserable condition of war which is necessarily consequent to the natural passions of men." Thomas Hobbes, 1651


IFÜ is a work between visual and performance art exploring themes of authority, bureaucracy and the way how individuals behave in authoritarian structures. This live-art situation creates a working office, where visitors are confronted with mechanisms of a system. In response to the situation the audience finds themself in a kind of city administration office, intelligence unit or market research institute (or something similar). For how long are we going to keep 'playing the game'?

Survival cannot be taken for granted.


What survival strategies do we use as an individual in the normality of bureaucracy and authority? Do we collaborate with others, or do we deal with problems on our own? What do we want in life, do we have a vision, or a strategy?


IFÜ is living art between performance and media art, each time created a new for specific sites and situations. Through the observation and analysis of social, political and psychological factors of a human space, a new installation is created within which performers and audience move. Both become protagonists.


IFÜ is a working office that carries out research, be it inside or open air. IFÜ confronts audiences with a system or authority: certain tests have to be passed, and only then new experiences can be gained. What do you do to maintain your individuality? Does a real sense of claustrophobia occur, or is IFÜ just a provocative game?


The research never finished, we are interested in the process.

Dedications: Booklaunch - KuLe Buch, Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin



Edith Maryon Stiftung