TOUR | 2016 · 2017



  • 14. January, 14:30 pm, Timebank Interventions – Cooperation with NON Berlin Gallery and Korean Culture Center 





  • 1. April, Equinox work in progress /
workshop presentation, Alexandria, Egypt, Backstreet Festival
Exchange between Grotest Maru from Berlin and The Alternative Theater Group (ATG) from Alexandria, Egypt
  • 27. April, Aurelia, within the scope of Kontrapunkt Festival, Bröllin
End of the residence on Schloss Bröllin



  • 5. May, The Train Fools, Opening of the Bahntrasse, Muskauer Park, Bad Muskau
  • 13., 14. May, Parada Narrnia, Phalanx Bamboo, Shanghai, China



  • 4. & 5. June, Nautic Miles Improvisations, Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin
  • 10. & 11. June, EQUINOX, Kunsthaus KuLe, with facade performance, lectures, screenings, discourse, concert
  • 17. June, EQUINOX, FinE Festival, Eberswalde



  • 12., 13. July, Timebank, Portugal
  • 14. July, Moth, the flight, Portugal
  • 15. July, Mura, a location-based staging in collaboration with local groups, Aveiro, Portugal


  • 27. August,  Parada Narrnia, Phalanx Bamboo, Festival Tanzende Stadt, Durbuy, Belgium,



  • 22. September, Kohlhaas, Stationary theatre around the church of  Beeskow to the Lutherjahr, Beeskow
  • 23. September, Parada Narrnia, opening of the theatre season, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Bochum

September / October - exact dates will be announced

  • Workshop in cooperation with La Red / Agit Polska: Process of a play development on the basis of EQUINOX, the crafts of theatre in public space.