a facade performance between Orient and Occident – interventions in the urban space
Co-production and intercultural exchange between:  
Grotest Maru (Berlin, Germany) and I-act / The Alternative Theatre Group (ATG), (Alexandria, Egypt)

Sunken city, contested city: EQUINOX is an encounter between Alexandria and Berlin, and as well Eberswalde. The dreams about the sunken Alexandria and the realities of the desired and pressured Berlin are woven into each other in this Co-production. Topic is the longing for the past heydays of this former metropolitan of the Antic world. Arabic narration technics interloop with Berlin stories about the struggle for space and resources, about the production of knowledge and the search for an adequate path.

Who are we? Where do we come from? What connects us all?



The Alternative Theatre Group (ATG) was founded in 1989 by Mahmoud Aboudoma and Awatef Ibrahim as the first independent theater group in Alexandria. It has worked until today without support from the Egyptian authorities. The ATG believes in the capacity of independent theater as a life form and method of creative thinking to spread values of democracy, diversity and pluralism.

We had two wonderful weekends performing EQUINOX in Berlin and Eberswalde.


Have a look at the RBB broadcasting report from the rehearsals at Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin and some beautiful pictures from Oliver Feldhaus.





"7 wishes for your city" The results from Alexandria and Berlin // Banner translation:

  • sauberes Wasser / clean water
  • sich mit dem Herzen verbinden / conncect with the heart
  • Reisen und Zuhören / travel & listen
  • Neugier / curiosity
  • Schönheit teilen / share beauty
  • sich an Wissen erfreuen / enjoy knowledge
  • frische Luft / fresh air



Director and costumes: Ursula Maria Berzborn / Conceptional inputs and texts: Mahmoud Aboudoma 

Installations and objects: Todosch Schlopsnies, Federica Caterina Teti // Music: Charles Matuschewski, Shadi Ibrahim 

Dramaturgical advice: Tom Mustroph // Production: Amina Abodoma, Carina Herring // Public relations: Barbara Gstaltmayr,

Colette Cressole, Steffi Weismann // Performers: Ahmed Elalfy, Khaled Gado, Clara Gracia, Axel Meyer, Barbara Pradzynska, Todosch Schlopsnies, Sergio Serrano // Technics: Jörg Heuer, Remon Said, Robb Godshaw // Rigging technology: Emmanuel Gillain, Wenzel Schmidt // Assistance: Ksusha Kazimirova, Sophia Mix // Internship: Federica Spinello // Graphic design: Federica C. Teti


This project is supported in the frame of Change of Scene, a program of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the International Theater Institute, by the city of Eberswalde, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Bezirkskulturamt Berlin Mitte and the Goethe Institute.