A journey through place Visual, physical and musical theatre for urban spaces and natural landscapes.

During this scenic journey the audience, with their own walking stick in hand, follows a pilgrim woman on what might be her last journey through transformed urban or rural spaces. All along their way they are accompanied by images of local myths or fairy-tales and small performances of times gone-by. This promenade performance is an interplay with audiences, participating local artists and community groups. Right in the real world of everyday-spaces a caleidoscope of images and impressions appears reminding everyone on the spiritual dimension of this very world.


All across the world there are practices of pilgrimage. In its search for meaning the human being creates cults, rituals and celebrations to harmonise his real world with ideal and mythical ideas and spiritual experiences. The pilgrimage as a phenomenon stands for the longing for healing and for widening one´s own horizon.


Inspired by international pilgrimage traditions and local myths, fairy tales and historical background GROTEST MARU creates a new and unique version of Mura for every location. Based on the local urban architecture and landscape, and using an original score of historical-poliphonic and contemporary-electronic music, Mura is each time a composition of poetical performance images.


Local performers, musicians and community groups can be integrated in the performance through a workshop programme, further heightening the identification between theatre and real life.


The audience moves from station to station, in a well chosen time of the year, starting in day light, ending in darkness. For the spectators new spaces of experience emerge: in the public realm, where pilgrimage have always taken place.


Photo: Martin Scheer