a site specific work

This performance can be shown in two versions: as a site specific adaptation to urban spaces or landscapes or it can be set up as a market place performance.

We follow the path of the hero, Michael Kohlhaas: starting out as a very private person he becomes a public figure, challenging the powers that be in the name of a big ideal. His personal dedication to wife and family, and to a just life transforms into a furious attack on everyone who stands in the way of his sense of justice.

But is it possible to establish justice? Does the end justify the means? And when everybody is against you, do you keep holding on to your principles? Isn't a good life more important than some abstract principles? Maybe we're all just playing in a big game where no-one really knows what role they've got...

Grotest Maru’s show fills the story of this fascinating figure with new life, and inspired by traditions of travelling players literature becomes accessible for everyone.


"Terrifying and unholy man! Who gave you

the right to descend on the whole community

with fire and sword?"


"Nobody. But those, who deny me the protection

of the law, push me out into the wilderness, and

they hand me the club to defend myself."


Heinrich von Kleist , 1810

Heinrich von Kleist's classic German novella about the timeless theme of justice was the base for this visual and storytelling promenade performance project. Exploring theatrically transformed public spaces together, audience and performers delve into an immediate experience of Kleist's great human theme